Thursday, March 20, 2008

80/366: Cathy

Growing up, living on opposite coasts, we wrote letters constantly, reams of pages. My cousin was as blonde as I was dark; they called us “chocolate and vanilla.” When my dad died, she just happened to be in town with her husband and kids, their first trip East in 20-odd years.


julie said...

My sister and I, light and dark, were pepper and salt. I like chocolate and vanilla better!

waxwing said...

These are wonderful! I quit writing after about 250, but decided to come back today. I'd also forgotten how much fun reading other people's posts was.

Mrs Slocombe said...

Have you packed it in? say it ain't so.

Aslo White said...

Mrs. S.: Hope springs eternal. I was trying to catch up. Life got in the way.

WW: Glad you enjoyed!

J: Pepper and salt works too!